Be happy, be well, be comfortable & at peace

the Garden within

fullsizeoutput_992.jpeg Ace of Pentacles    Eight of Cups (reversed)    The Lovers

Guidance for today 10/12…

Your  newfound perspective urges you to follow your true calling. The world is open to your ideas and you now have the ability to begin a fruitful and bountiful new chapter in your life.

You are worried that the light you carry in your heart is unworthy and your fear is clouding your present. The universe hears your prayers and does not agree with your negative outlook on yourself. Take heart and learn to forgive yourself for the darkness you may carry at this time.

The light of joy and love are with you as you move forward.  Take the time to develop a clear and unclouded vision of your future and what you want in your life moving forward….. move forward in joy and in love. The support you need, the love your seek…

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Stop and smell the roses

the Garden within

img_0752.jpg Knight of Cups (reversed)   Six of Cups (reversed)   Five of Cups (reversed)

Guidance for today 10/6

Change has swept through your life like a gale force wind and left you reeling- trying to catch your breath.  You find yourself isolated and objectivity is slow to assist you.  You have means to happiness though- someone in your life is waiting for you; wants you to share in childlike abandon… in fun… what is holding you back from truly appreciating your blessings?  you cannot accept that you have the means you desire- so you push it away and opt to isolate yourself.  Your lover brings you his heart; but your reluctance to see past your own emotional perspective holds you down.  The light of day is right outside your window if you only turn your head- this is yours to have or to reject… choose hope and the Universe will…

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